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Chain Wire Fencing Sydney – Contractors

Impact Fencing Australia supplies and installs chain link fencing and gates in Sydney NSW 2000, Wollongong NSW 2500 and the Central Coast NSW 2252.

We have a professional team of chain link fencing installers that take pride in their work and are always willing to provide advice and assistance to help you complete your chain wire fencing project.

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Chain Wire Fences and Gates are a popular choice for commercial and residential fencing projects as chain wire is a strong, flexible and durable product that provides security at a reasonable price.

In commercial and industrial areas it is often used for Security fencing when topped with barb or razor wire

A chain-link fence allows for great visibility and is commonly used in garden areas, playgrounds, high screen golf courses, sports fields, railways and airports.

Chain wire’s flexibility makes it a great choice for cricket nets, tennis courts, and its springy texture can protect horses from injury in horse enclosures.

Internal chain wire partitions can be used to protect factory workers from machinery and to separate storage areas and storage cages.

Chain Link Fence Installer

Chain Wire Fencing Bunnings – Gladesville NSW – March 2021

Bunnings Gladesville NSW needed an additional secure storage area for their various materials like sand, cement and concrete bags. To secure the area on level P2 we needed to install 40 lineal metres of 3-metre high chain wire fencing.

The design included 3 rails black on black chain wire fencing. Plus 3 single-chain wire gates 2400 wide x 2900mm high. All posts were flanged and fixed to the concrete floor and ceiling. Completed March 2021

Chain Wire Fencing Bunnings  1
Chain Wire Fencing Bunnings 3
Chain Wire Fencing Bunnings

Railless Chain Wire Fence

As the name suggests a railless chain wire fence does not have a supporting top, bottom or mid-rail that runs between your posts. A railless chainwire fence is often used on residential and rural projects like Koala fencing.

Chain Wire Fence Railless

Top Rail Chain Wire Fence

A top rail provides extra support, strength and durability to your chainwire fence. The fence has a more complete appearance with the extra top rail. Chainwire tennis courts fences usually include a top rail as part of their design.

Chain Link Fence Top Rail

Top, Bottom and Mid Rail Chain Wire Fence

Depending on your security needs and budget you can add a bottom rail or mid-rail to further strengthen your fence and perhaps enhance the appearance of your fence.

Chain Link Fence Rails

Chain Wire Fence Specifications 

Australian Standard – AS 1725-2010

  • Standard Galvanised Chain Wire, Black PVC coated chainwire, Green PVC coated chainwire
  • Chain wire pipe size range from 25NB, 32NB, 40NB, 50NB, 80NB and 100NB with lengths up to 7.2 metres. (NB is Nominal Bore – it’s the hollow section of the pipe a 100NB post has an outside diameter of 114mm)
  • Chain Wire Posts & Stays – Straight Posts, Cranked Posts, Gate Posts, tennis court posts

See Posts & Stays PDF Brochure for range and sizes.

Diamond Size (Pitch)

The pitch size is measured diagonally across the diamond

  • 60mm Diamond size is an affordable choice for lower security situations
  • 50mm Diamond size is the standard pitch size for chain-Link fences and other applications.
  • 45mm Diamond size is used in Tennis Court enclosures
  • 40mm Diamond size is used for Industrial Safety screens.
  • 25mm Diamond & 32mm diamond sizes are used for Security fencing, Golf screens and animal cages.

    Galvanised chain wire – Gauge (wire thickness)

    • 2.5mm – Standard fabric mesh wire (W02Z)
    • 3.15mm – Heavy Duty fabric mesh wire (W10Z)
    • 4.00mm – Extra heavy duty fabric mesh wire

    Note: the life span of the heavy-duty fabric is up to 4 times longer than the standard fabric because of the coating mass which improves corrosion resistance.

      PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) coated chain wire  – Gauge (wire thickness)

      Choice of PVC Black Chain wire or PVC Green chainwire (Evergreen)

        • Core wire 2.5mm with PVC coated = 3.40mm (Standard fabric mesh wire)
        • Core wire 3.15mm with PVC coated = 4.15mm (Heavy Duty fabric mesh wire)
        • Core wire 4.00mm with PVC coated = 5.00mm (Extra heavy-duty fabric mesh wire)
          Galvanised Chain Wire

          What is Chainwire Selvedge?

            ‘Chainwire Selvedge’ comprises the end two wires of the woven chain wire diamond which are twisted in a way to prevent the chain wire mesh fabric from unravelling. There are three standard selvedge finishes of Chain-Link fabric include …

            1. Knuckle & Knuckle (KK) – The wire is knuckled at both ends
            2. Knuckle & Barbed (KB) – The wire is knuckled at the bottom and twisted into a barbed selvedge at the top
            3. Barbed & Barbed (BB) – The wire is twisted into a barbed selvedge at both ends and is abbreviated as (BB)
              Chain Wire Selvedge

              Barbed Wire Fence or Razor Wire Fence?

              For situations requiring extra security for your premises, many clients like to add barbed wire or razor wire to the top of their chain wire fence. We have installed Barbed wire fences and razor wire fences also known as razor tape in Sydney, Wollongong and the Central Coast for correctional facilities, electrical sub-stations, airports, along rail corridors and local and government facilities. Razor wire comes in a variety of barb lengths, wire diameters and loop sizes.

                Barbed Wire

                Barbed wire is a fencing wire made with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals of around 10 cm along the cable.

                Barbed wire normally comprises two wires twisted together to form a cable. The twisted double wire provides extra strength and permits expansion and contraction without breakage.

                The Barbs are cut diagonally to create sharper points and are often used to prevent animals or people from entering or leaving a place.

                Barbed Wire

                Flat Loop Razor Wire

                are individual wire circles/loops running along the same plane. Flat loop razor wire is perfect in situations where a fence gate needs to fully open towards a wall. As the individual circles of flat loop razor run along the same plane. The loops are overlapped for extra security.

                Concertina Razor Wire

                Are large wire coils that can be expanded like a concertina or an accordion. With concertina razor wire the coils expand on to both sides of the fence and can prevent a gate from fully opening. Galvanised Razor Wire sizes 550 mm or 900mm diameter.

                Concertina Razor Wire

                Chain Wire Gates

                  We supply and install chain wire gates in different heights and widths for commercial, industrial, residential and security purposes.

                  Chain Wire Gates

                  Our high-quality chain link gates frames are …

                  • hot-dip galvanised or powder-coated
                  • pipe frame diameters are designed to suit the width & height of the gate
                  • Choice of black PVC coated chain wire, green PVC coated chain wire or standard galvanised chain wire finish. The frames can be powder coated as required.
                  • Chain Wire Mesh sizes from 25mm to 60mm
                  • A security gate can be made to include 3 runs of barb wire
                  • Our chain wire sliding gates have heavy-duty rollers, guide rollers, tracks and end stoppers
                  • Send us your drawings for a free quote
                  Chain Wire Gates

                  Security Chain Wire Gates

                    A standard Security chainwire gate is 1800mm high with a 500mm extension comprising 3 strands of barb wire. The width for a pedestrian chain wire gates is normally 1000mm.  Double chain wire gates may be required for vehicles.

                    The gate frames are constructed with either a 25NB galvanised tube or a heavy-duty frame of 32NB galvanised pipe which is then powder coated. All gates come with the accompanying heavy-duty fittings. Heavy Duty fabric mesh wire is tied to the frame to finish the gate

                    Chain Wire Fencing – Frequently Asked Questions

                    What is a Chain Link fence?

                    Chain link is made of galvanized or plastic-coated steel wire woven together to form a series of interconnected rings or diamonds that have the appearance of wire netting.

                    • Common diamond (pitch) size is 50mm constructed with 2.5mm diameter wire.
                    • Corner and end fence posts are 50NB galvanised steel pipe with an outside diameter of 60mm.
                    • Fence post spacing is 3300mm maximum
                    • The chainwire mesh is supported between the fence posts by wire cables, stay rail and or top & bottom pipe rails. Note; can be Powder coated
                    • The chain wire mesh is strained or stretched between the posts and attached at every 4th diamond by tie wire to the posts, rails or support cable.
                    • Chain wire mesh rolls come in height up to 4500mm for tennis courts.

                    Chain Link Fencing is also commonly known as Cyclone fence, Chain wire fencing, Chain mesh fence or Wire mesh fence. The Australian Standard for a Chain link fence is AS 1725-2010.

                    What is chain link fence tie wire?           

                    Tie wire is used to secure the chain-link mesh or fabric to the fence frame. The frame consists of the posts and top, middle and bottom rails. Tie wire is available in 1.57mm and 2.00mm gauge. 

                    What is a chain wire fence cable?

                    The fence cable (line wire) is used in situations where the fence has no top, mid or bottom fence rails. The cable wire takes the place of the rails to support the chain wire mesh fabric. The cable consists of 2 wires which are twisted together to form the cable. The cable is tied off to an end post then it is twisted and weaved around intermediate posts to the next end or corner posts. Cable wire sizes are 2.5mm gauge, 3.15mm gauges and Helicoil come in a 4mm gauge. (Helicoil is a single strand horizontal cable)