Palisade Fencing Sydney

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Palisade fencing is a popular choice for medium and high-security fencing situations as it secures your property from illegitimate access but allows authorised access for vehicle and pedestrians. A metal palisade fence is difficult to cut through and much stronger than chain wire fencing creating a high level of security.

Security Palisade fencing also provides a different kind of aesthetic than chain wire fencing. Palisade fencing is widely used in Sydney and is well suited for industrial and commercial property as well as schools, highways, railway lines and other public infrastructure.

Impact Fencing Australia palisade fencing contractors and fence installers can offer help and advice with your Palisade Fencing Sydney project.

Benefits of Palisade Fencing (Spear Top Fencing) include …

  • Anti-climb design, lack of foothold
  • Triple spiked top Fence (W Pale Picket) or crushed Spear top fencing (tubular picket)
  • Anti-tamper fastenings
  • Solid steel barrier up to 4.2 metres in height
  • Improved Perimeter Security with strong metal framework, posts, rails and pickets
  • Enhanced Corrosion resistance with our high-quality coating finishes
  • Highly Cost-effective, reduced maintenance costs and extended product life
  • Certified to Australian Standards
  • Choice of colours – plain hot-dip galvanised, black satin or heritage green powder coated. Other colours include Monument, Primrose, Deep Ocean, Woodland Grey, Pearl White etc.

Types of Palisade Fencing

  1. The W-Pale triple point straight spear top. 3mm thick solid steel
  2. The W-Pale triple point curved spear top (Bent top Palisade Fencing)
  3. The D-Pale Palisade Fence profile
  4. Pressed Form Spear top fencing also known as Diplomat Fencing is made from steel or aluminium hollow tubes that come with a pressed top that forms a spear shape.
  5. Garrison fence – is a welded tubular fence panel whereby the palisade fence panels are bolted between fixed posts.
  6. Wrought iron Heritage Palisade Fencing Panels (Custom Made)

Palisade Fence Installation – typically the tri-point pale spacing centre to centre is 150mm and the tri-point pale sit 50mm above ground level after installation

School Security Fencing – Sydney NSW

Our palisade fencing contractors have a lot of experience building School Security Fencing that complies with the NSW Education Department’s designs and specifications.  Steel Palisade fencing is a deterrent for most types of vandalism and is designed to secure schools and educational facilities from illegal entry.

One of our preferred products is SecuraTop  School Security fencing, the fencing and gate system is pre-fabricated and is assembled readily on-site for installation.

    Palisade Gates

    Double or single palisade gates can be built to match fence height and other customer requirements.

    Our palisade gates are safe and easy to operate with lubricated heavy-duty hinges and smart locking hardware.

    We can provide the right Security palisade fencing solution for your residential, commercial or industrial project. If you are looking for Palisade Fencing Contractors in Sydney, Wollongong or the Central Coast gives us a call today on 0419 944 234